For the last several years I have been working in an office, studying to obtain a degree in Law and trying to be healthy by following conventional wisdom. I gradually came to realise that not only was I not healthy, I wasn’t particularly happy. Since 2011/ 2012 I’ve been looking into alternative ways to live and slowly I’m starting to build an idea of my ideal lifestyle – and it involves very little of what was already in my life!

I’ve realised that there are many seemingly separate strands that come together to be a cohesive whole. I won’t go into everything immediately – this is meant to be an introduction after all – but I’ve come to appreciate that my interest in a primal / paleo diet and lifestyle, my religious beliefs, my desire to reduce, reuse and recycle, my dislike of consumerism and desire to support small businesses all come from the same place.

I started this blog as a place to discuss all of these areas (and more) in the hope of crafting an ethical, sustainable lifestyle. I’m really interested in hearing other people’s opinions and experiences so please feel free to leave comments.


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