A is for Ancestors

I’m really making my own religion up as I go along – I don’t quite fit in anywhere else. However, the goddess that I have been claimed by is Celtic and so I am inspired by Celtic practices. From the little information that we have about the Celts, we can surmise that ancestor veneration was important to them – indeed, ancestor veneration was a wide spread practice in many pagan religions. This is something that I personally have trouble getting my head around. I feel little to no connection to my ancestors. I have very little contact with my extended family. In fact, three months ago I had a baby and not a single aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent has since come to meet my daughter.

Under these circumstances, how do I connect with my ancestors? How do I venerate people that I feel no connection to? This is something that I will be working on this year. I think the place to start is to consider my “religious” ancestors. I can perhaps find a connection with all those who have worshipped Brighid before me with a regular practice and then reach out to my physical ancestors. If nothing else, it’ll be an exploration – much like this blogging project!




Do you work with your ancestors? How do you interpret ancestors? What practices do you have to honour them?


4 thoughts on “A is for Ancestors

  1. Ancestors are interesting beasts – you’ve got “ancestors”, in the general sense, the great unknown mass of people lost to time, and you’ve got the specific ones you remember and the ones still walking around. Personally, I find the great unknown mass much easier to get on with, sometimes. *sigh* 🙂

    • Lol, I know what you mean. In my case it’s simply that I feel like I don’t really know my family members enough as people to connect with them. The living as well as the ones who have gone before. It makes it hard to honour them.

  2. I work with my ancestors a decent amount. I happened to be fairly close to my family through my Great Grandmother. However, I also work with ancestors of heart and spirit. In Knot Magick’s PBP post this week, (http://knotmagick101.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/ancestors/) there’s a great infographic that shows how we are all related to each other … so … everyone is your ancestor.

    When I’m working with them, I set out some of their favorite food & drink, and talk to them. Just re-connect and have a chat 🙂

    • i think this might be part of where I’m hitting a block – I didn’t know my departed ancestors well enough to know what their favourite food and drink might have been. I don’t know what subjects interested them etc. Maybe some research with my parents would help …

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