The Whole30

So, life has been busy lately and my blog has taken a back seat. I’m hoping to get back on track over the next month though.


I have decided to do a Whole30 starting on September 1st and I’m planning on blogging about my experiences. I’m hoping that this will help to keep me accountable during the month and also give people who might be considering a Whole30 an honest look at what it’s like.

As I’ll be trying to post every day some of them are going to be pretty short and on the fly while that baby is sleeping or after the kids are in bed. I’ll do my best to give an honest account of my Whole30 experience.

I’ve been mostly primal since February with probably about 90% of my meals being either paleo or primal but I still eat junk round about meals and that’s one of the habits I’m trying to break. I also want to be more aware of how I feel, physically and emotionally, and how that connects to what I’m eating.

Thanks for joining me on this journey – wish me luck!


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