Whole30 – Day 2


It’s day two and today has been tough. I’ve had a mild but persistent headache all day as well as a sore throat that’s been hanging about for almost a week now. On top of that the baby is teething so she has been grumpy most of the day and needing a lot of attention and the workmen were back to finish the bathroom.

By 3:30pm I was feeling tired, cold and my patience was wearing thin. I found myself fantasising about a cream cake. Or a pizza. Followed by many other junky foods. After 10 minutes or so of mentally torturing myself, I pulled it together, made a cup of strawberry and mango tea and had a handful of grapes. I made sure to take my time over the grapes. I really experienced and savoured each grape as it burst between my teeth and filled my mouth with juicy sweetness. Way better than a cream cake that I would have felt awful about while I was eating it!

I haven’t worked out yet this week. I’m trying to shake off the sore throat (and more importantly the congestion and cough) but I think I’m on the mend now so hopefully in the next few days I’ll be reporting some proper workouts.

Today’s food diary:

2 apple, leek and bacon sausages with carrot and cucumber strings. (Photo above)

Small, baked sweet potato with tinned, wild red salmon, homemade paleo mayo and spring onions.

Handful of mixed grapes.

Salad of rocket, spinach, pea shoots, watercress, iceberg, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and celery topped with prawns mixed in the rest of the mayo from lunch, passata and some paprika.

3 cups of black coffee (1 was decaf)

5 glasses of water

1 cup strawberry and mango tea

1 cup peppermint tea


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