Whole30 – Day 9

Burnt out

Well, it looks like this is going to continue as a tough week. My eldest daughter is on the mend but the baby has the cold. Between the night out on Friday and the two kids being unwell, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in the last four.

I think that I’m actually over the carb flu now but it’s hard to tell for sure because I’m running short on sleep. This feels like a different kind of tired though. At the moment it feels like a solid 8 hours of sleep would sort me out; the brain fog has pretty much gone, not much in the way of a headache, no nausea anymore. It does seem like I’ve come out the other side of the carb flu.

I can’t be certain though because this is the first time today that I’ve actually sat down and thought about myself / my body / how I feel. So it may be a momentary relief but I’ll take it and be thankful!

I’ve noticed that my tastes have started to change. Tonight, for the first time, I actually tasted a sweet potato as sweet. I’ve never noticed that before. Slow roasted tomatoes and caramelised onions tasted almost like a sweet (candy). Artificial flavours like toothpaste and mouthwash seem very odd to me now. I wonder if I would even enjoy drinks like Pepsi max anymore. I can’t imagine that I would.

Maybe that’s how this program works, how people are able to change for life after only 30 days. When you remind yourself what real food tastes like, the artificial stuff just doesn’t seem worth it. I guess we’ll see how that theory stands during the reintroduction phase!

Today’s food:

2 pork, apple and leek sausage patties with a few cherry tomatoes chopped on the side.

Leftovers from last night’s coconut chicken curry with shredded courgette and carrot.
1 orange.

Sweet potato shepherds pie

2 cups black coffee
5 glasses water (2 sparkling)
1 cup red bush tea.

I highly recommend the shepherds pie – it was really tasty.


One thought on “Whole30 – Day 9

  1. I remember the first time I really tasted caramelized onions and thought wow, there’s /sugar/ in this. I’m so used to tasting sugar in massive amounts, like pastries or iced lattes or pure honey. Being able to pick up the sweetness in things like onions feels like a superpower.

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