Whole30 – Day 14

I can smell and taste a bit better than I could yesterday so here’s hoping that means that this virus is starting to move on.

I’ve had heartburn all day. I woke up with it and it got much worse after dinner, which could be because I started sorting and hanging up laundry very quickly after I finished eating. Not quite sure what caused it to start though.

It’s been a day of pottering around the house doing bits and pieces. I made a batch of Lorne sausages for the coming week. For those of you who are not familiar, Lorne sausages are a Scottish recipe, square sausage. I had to adapt the recipe because it usually includes breadcrumbs to bind the meat. I used almond flour instead. I’m hoping they’ll come out well.

My husband made soup using the beef broth that I made up on Friday and it worked out well.

I’m glad to say that my cravings for junk food have receded again. I walked round two shops today without being the slightest bit tempted by the stuff I had to walk passed.

Today’s food log:

Fruit smoothie – 1 banana, handful of frozen berries, coconut milk.

Banana and almond flour pancakes * with fresh figs and sea salt.

Chicken and vegetable soup.

3 cups black coffee
3 glasses water
1 cup peppermint tea.

* I had some lengthy consideration before eating the pancakes. I know that they could fall under the rule of not “paleofying” junk food but I considered that the reason behind that rule is to break bad habits. The idea is not to replace your old bad habits with new, slightly healthier ones. The thing is, pancakes are not a habit for me. I eat them maybe two or three times a year. So they’re not a bad habit that I need to break. I figure in this case, it’s safe enough for me to eat them. Paleo pizza on the other hand… that would be a bad idea!

What do you think about that rule? How do you interpret it?


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