Whole30 – Day 19

I’ve been pretty tired all day today and feeling a bit subdued but I still managed to have a productive day.

I’ve been starting to think about a new fitness routine and I’m thinking about basing it around the Primal Blueprint Fitness Plan. So, lots of low level aerobic activity, lifting heavy things twice a week and one sprint session a week. I started a plan like this earlier in the year but fell away from it over the summer.

My sister and I are going to start swimming and walking together a couple of times a week. My pedometer app already suggests that I move about more on a daily basis than I thought I did so I’m hoping to build on that with more Non Exercise Activity Time. All of that should take care of the low level aerobics. The sprint session could be covered by some cardio interval workouts that I have. So I just need to work out my Lift Heavy Things section.

As we move into the final third of the whole30, I’m looking towards the end of the programme and considering the reintroduction protocol. I’ll have some more thoughts on that tomorrow.

Today’s food log:

2 boiled eggs, mashed with some ghee, salt and pepper.

Leftover Vietnamese lettuce cups.

NomNom Paleo’s chicken nuggets* with salad potatoes

3 cups of black coffee
1 cup of peppermint tea
4 glasses water.

* again, I know this could be considered paleofying junk food but, as far as I am aware, I have never eaten any other chicken nugget. I would never even consider buying processed chicken nuggets. These are not a paleo version of a junk food to me. They’re just a different paleo way to eat chicken.


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