Whole30 – Day 24

Today was my youngest daughter’s first birthday. I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since she was born. Watching her grow over this last year has been amazing.

It felt strange having a birthday with no birthday cake. Obviously, the baby wouldn’t have any. My husband and I are abstaining so it would have been silly to buy or bake a cake just for my eldest daughter to have some but that cultural connection was hard to break.

I’m still loaded with the cold and feeling lousy. It’s been a really tough month with carb flu, sick kids and being unwell myself. Just poor timing I guess but I really hope this cold clears up soon.

With only 6 days left of my whole30 I’ve started thinking about what I’ve learned this month. More on that tomorrow.

Today’s food log:

1/2 portion Crustless quiche with bacon, mushrooms, onions and courgettes.

Butternut Squash Soufflé.

Baked sweet potato with tuna, caramelised onions and paleo mayo.

3 cups black coffee
3 glasses water.

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