Whole30 – Day 26

Today was a good day. I got loads done and managed to take the kids out for a walk along the river.

Dinner was stressful. The chicken that I had in the fridge had gone off, even though it was within its date. That meant that I had to rush out and buy more chicken, which I then didn’t get to marinade for as long as I usually would have. The shop didn’t have chicken thighs which I was originally going to use so I ended up with drumsticks.

The stress around buying more chicken, not marinating as long as I wanted to and dinner being late reminded me how important planning is with this way of eating. Normally if something like that happened, I would have picked up something quick and easy like frozen pizza or a take away but of course, that’s not possible on whole30. I missed having that option.

Some of the things that I have learned about myself so far in this process:

– I sleep better when I eat well.

– I do not need comfort food when I’m stressed. A hug does the job without all the side effects!

– hunger is not bad.

– I play down my achievements.

– I care more about making other people happy than looking after myself.

I think that’s plenty for today so here is today’s food log:

2 boiled eggs, mashed with a little ghee, salt and pepper.

Curried cream of broccoli soup.

NomNom Paleo’s green chicken with salad.

3 cups black coffee
3 glasses water.


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