Whole30 – Day 28

Again, this post is coming to you late because we stayed with family again last night. It’s been a whole celebratory weekend and I’m pretty worn out now, despite not indulging.

My husband and I have decided to treat ourselves to a slow cooker. I’m really looking forward to cooking up some bone broth in it – that should be easier than doing it on the hob. I imagine that we’ll all be indulging in plenty of bone broth over the coming winter.

Yesterday was filled with what would normally have been temptation but I wasn’t particularly tempted. I was happy enough ending my meal with black coffee instead of dessert and I didn’t mind missing out on the birthday cake that my mother-in-law bought to celebrate the baby’s birthday. I was a little envious when I watched everyone else (except hubby) raise a toast with a glass of champagne though. I love champagne!

At the butchers yesterday, we bought some cuts of meat that we haven’t tried before: pork belly, ox kidney and diced venison. I’m looking forward to trying some new things.

Food log:

Banana, spinach and strawberry smoothie.

Scrambled eggs and bacon.

Roast beef, turkey and gammon with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and green beans.

5 cups black coffee
4 glasses water.


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