Whole30 – Day 30!

Well folks, it’s day 30 and I made it! There have been times over the last month when I wasn’t sure that I could see it through but I did. Despite the last weekend of family and birthday celebrations.

At this moment, I feel very proud of myself. I am noticeably slimmer, my skin is clear, I’m sleeping well and my energy levels are constant throughout the day.

Although I have had some cravings for junk food and I miss dairy, I have not felt deprived. The other night we were out for dinner with family and I was content to finish my meal with a black coffee – I wasn’t particularly envious of the desserts being eaten around me.

All month I have been promising myself a take-away for dinner on day 31. Right now I’m not even sure that I want it. I have enjoyed the foods that I’ve been eating, I have felt comfortably full without being bloated and I certainly don’t miss that feeling!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a round up of my results and the things that I’ve learned this month.

I stumbled across this article today on Robb Wolf’s site, about ending 30 day challenges. It seemed very appropriate! My husband and I have some work ahead figuring out exactly where we go from here but we know that we don’t want to go back to where we were before starting this challenge.

Today’s food log:

Banana, pineapple, spinach and avocado smoothie.

Leftover liver, in this case Ox liver.

Potato and courgette soup with home made chicken stock.

2.5 cups of coffee
1 cup raspberry tea
4 glasses water.


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