Whole30 – Day 23

I missed posting yesterday because I’m sick. Again. I’m loaded with the cold and I feel like I’ve been walked on. I’m pleased to say that I’ve stuck to good foods despite feeling awful and having some junky cravings.

I also stuck to my exercise plan and went for a 3 mile walk with my sister this evening.

Yesterday’s food:

1 paleo Lorne sausage.

Leftover Chicken pesto “pasta”
Handful each grapes and strawberries

Mulligatawny soup.

2.5 cups black coffee
1 cup peppermint tea
3 glasses water.

Today’s food:

Couple of mouthfuls Crustless quiche

Mulligatawny soup

Gammon steak, salad potatoes and asparagus.

3 cups black coffee
3 glasses water.

Whole30 – Day 21

Today was pottering about the house and doing housework. I also managed to fit in some “me time” with a long bubble bath :-).

I haven’t got much to say today so I’ll leave you with my food log for the day and wish you all a happy Sunday!

Leftover turkey burgers on a bed of spinach.

Chicken pesto “pasta”. This was really delicious.

3 cups black coffee
1 cup strawberry and mango tea
4 glasses water.

Whole30 – Day 20


Today we all went for a long walk around the local country park. It was a lovely way to spend some quality time together as a family and get some exercise.

I’ve been thinking some more about the reintroduction protocol. I think we’re going to go with a different order from the one suggested. Mostly because dairy is the thing that I miss the most so that’ll be the first thing we reintroduce. I miss cheese.

We’ll probably also take more than 10 days over the reintroduction phase – we’re in no hurry.

Today’s food log:

Fruit smoothie with coconut milk.

Leftover paleo chicken nuggets with salad potatoes.

Really tasty Turkey Burgers with spinach and tomatoes.

3 cups black coffee
1 cup peppermint tea
5 glasses of water.


Whole30 – Day 19

I’ve been pretty tired all day today and feeling a bit subdued but I still managed to have a productive day.

I’ve been starting to think about a new fitness routine and I’m thinking about basing it around the Primal Blueprint Fitness Plan. So, lots of low level aerobic activity, lifting heavy things twice a week and one sprint session a week. I started a plan like this earlier in the year but fell away from it over the summer.

My sister and I are going to start swimming and walking together a couple of times a week. My pedometer app already suggests that I move about more on a daily basis than I thought I did so I’m hoping to build on that with more Non Exercise Activity Time. All of that should take care of the low level aerobics. The sprint session could be covered by some cardio interval workouts that I have. So I just need to work out my Lift Heavy Things section.

As we move into the final third of the whole30, I’m looking towards the end of the programme and considering the reintroduction protocol. I’ll have some more thoughts on that tomorrow.

Today’s food log:

2 boiled eggs, mashed with some ghee, salt and pepper.

Leftover Vietnamese lettuce cups.

NomNom Paleo’s chicken nuggets* with salad potatoes

3 cups of black coffee
1 cup of peppermint tea
4 glasses water.

* again, I know this could be considered paleofying junk food but, as far as I am aware, I have never eaten any other chicken nugget. I would never even consider buying processed chicken nuggets. These are not a paleo version of a junk food to me. They’re just a different paleo way to eat chicken.

Whole30 – Day 18

This is a very important day for reasons completely unrelated to my whole30. Today, Scotland votes on whether or not to remain a part of the UK. I’m not going to bore you all with a political lecture – that’s not why you’re reading – but I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge the day.

It’s been a pretty busy day for me. I downloaded a pedometer app for my iPhone called Pacer. It’s been running all day. I wanted to get an idea of how many steps I take on a normal day, without deliberately walking for exercise. So far today I’ve taken 9,021 steps. That’s a lot more than I expected so I’m pleased with that. My average day is probably less though as I had a trip to the dentist etc today.

I’m still feeling even energy levels throughout the day. My quality of sleep has also improved.

I find myself watching the Good Food channel just now and mentally adapting the recipes to be paleo-friendly. Strangely, my viewing has not inspired any cravings at all. Not even for chocolate dessert which I definitely would have wanted before my whole30. Progress!

Today’s food log:

1 paleo Lorne sausage

Courgette fritters

NomNom Paleo’s vietnamese lettuce cups

2.5 cups of black coffee
1 cup of spiced apple and cinnamon tea
7 glasses of water

Still thirsty it seems.

Whole30 – Day 17

Things continue to improve around here, health wise. None of us are back to normal yet but we’re on the way there.

I feel slimmer. I know that I wrote about coming down a notch on my belt but I didn’t feel it then. Today, as I got dressed, I felt slimmer. I think that I could see a difference in the way my top was hanging over my stomach.

Coming this far in the program has given me a bit of a confidence boost. I feel stronger, more capable, than I did at the start, even though I’m not any stronger.

Today’s food log:

2 slices of bacon.

Leftover magic chicken and salad from last night.

This tasty frittata

3 cups black coffee
1cup peppermint tea
5 glasses water.

Hmmm. Looks like I was thirsty today. Something to keep an eye on perhaps?

Whole30 – Day 16

I’ve had another stressful day. My eldest still hasn’t completely recovered and the rest of us are gradually improving.

It has been a bit easier to get out of bed the last few days. I also feel like I’m getting better at listening to my body. I can tell better if I’m actually hungry or if I want food for some other reason; I’m rarely actually hungry.

I’ve gone down another notch on my belt. I’m hopeful for a good reading at my weigh-in on the 1st of October.

Today’s food log:

2 boiled eggs, mashed with a little ghee, salt and pepper.

Curried cream of broccoli soup

NomNom Paleo’s Magic Chicken with salad.

3 cups black coffee
5 glasses of water.